Tantra massage for women

tantra massage for women

Tantra massage for women

Providing sensual tantra massage massage for women, that’s my passion … My name is Martin, tantra masseur and teacher with more than 20 years of experience. During the tantra massage for women you going in resignation and it is my challenge to make you relax. You should momentarily forget everything and let you go in the movement of my hands. Because of my pure tantra massage, with “body to body”, you feel every sensual tingle of your body and you get a warm erotic feeling in the “here and now”.


The intensity of the massage and touch will be adapted to you, whereby I let flow your life energy (Kundalini). This makes your tantra massage for women much more intense than any other massage … but it’s not sex! And when there is an “attraction”, your limit will be respected. If it’s your first tantra massage for women, you may still be in doubt. After your first real tantra massage for women you realize that this is one of the greatest experiences of your life … Would you like (immediately) meet at your place, in my practice or at a hotel for your tantra massage for women? And of course you may touch me in the same gently way I treat you…

Call me securely on WhatsApp +31 6 571 745 22 or email to tantraforlife@gmail.com.


tantric massage for womenFor whom

Tantra massage for women is for you as a woman of 18 years or older. You who want to schedule a date or perhaps want to ask some questions. I’m looking forward to make you enjoy. You learn to (re) discover relaxing and stimulating erogenous spots on your body. [/wptab][wptab name=’Prices’]

What to expect:

– Prior to the tantra massage for women, we have had already contact about your wishes
– In addition, I am a certified, hygienic, have life experience and I am empathetic
– Are you for your tantric massage in my practice, I foresee all the necessities
– At the end of the massage I help you rinsing your back so you clothes do not stick to the massage oil
– The possibility to come to your home and bring all the supplies (if needed) with me
– Travel expenses are included in the rate (if applicable)
– You determine the limit[/wptab][wptab name=’Location’]A good location is there where you have access to a large bed, meaning a bed with one mattress in a cozy and clean room. A large mattress on the floor works too. It should also be nice warm and the outside lights must be dimmed. We make the atmosphere with candles which I bring when I come to you. And of course I take the massage oil and tantra music with me… Hotel, home or room for three hours: You decide where I have to come. Many women have a preference for the quiet surroundings of a hotel room, because they can undisturbed enjoy their sensual tantric massage.


Prices tantra massage for women

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